We are a 501 c3 tax exempt non-profit science corporation. We established this status due to the fact that we are giving everything we have back to the community as fast and as accurate as possible. It’s a huge task, but with the right people and the support from the community, we’re making it happen! Once we get 10,000 patrons signed up on our Patreon crowdfunding page, we will be creating and supplying all of our explorers with their own personal MagmaChem Explorer Kit. It’s yours to keep, now take all your friends and family outdoors and explore the world!

Thank you for visiting our website, we strongly encourage you to become a MagmaChem Patron by visiting our Patreon page, the only place you can download all the MagmaChem content (videos explaining the maps and publications, the actual publications and high resolution images of the maps). We are utilizing Patreon to build the programs to continue to bring and work on this amazing geologic perspective with you. By using a new, innovative form of transferring information through podcasts, publications and conversations, we can build this community. A community of explorers that are excited to be with us and are ready to join us on this journey.

MagmaChem Research Institute is providing over 40 years of precise data and interpretations in a format that is easily accessible and you can apply it immediately.

The programs and ideas at MCRI are:

• The Youth Explorer Program(Giving presentations to the local school districts about the amazing Earth we live on and supporting the next generation)

• The Veteran Explorer Program(Leading detailed rock and gem missions in outcrops to figure out the local geology while having fun with friends and family)

• The Rockhound Explorer Program (For the Rockhound community, bring your friends and family outside and help them connect with nature)

• The Advanced Explorer program (The sky is the limit for you)

We have staff ready and EXCITED to talk to you today with more information! Your kind support to be a patron is helping us to sustain this mission and vision.

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