About Us

We are a 501 c3 tax exempt non-profit science corporation. We established this status due to the fact that we are teaching the latest and most accurate earth model to date. We believe you are going to change the world with it.

A word from the MagmaChem Research Institute

This research institute solely exists for the progression of a socially responsible public. Our geologic models are specific and predictive, helping to develop a more sustainable future for all.

Our vision is to change the way people observe the Earth; and our mission is to transfer to industry, academia, government and the public these innovative and integrative concepts and technologies for a better understanding of the Earth and its processes. Together with the right Earth science models, we can become a much more ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) positive society.

For over 50 years now, MagmaChem has been hard at work figuring out this planet. With major influencers along the way that we refer to as MagmaChem Associates, we've been compiling data and synthesizing the data of the natural history of our planet. You are becoming part of an amazing story that will carve a future that looks nothing like the past.

Here is where you will find every important publication to better understand the MagmaChem science, and to better make geologic predictions to help you as a professional. Check out our courses tab, this is where we are teaching the details of these concepts, with presentations and webinar recordings available for download.

We’re just getting started!

  • Because Magmachem is so utterly data driven, they now possess a world class mineral and relationship database that may support both exploration for minerals and hydrocarbons for years to come. Their data base is also a true treasure trove that ideally should be subjected to voluminous research by clever students somewhere.
  • The MagmaChem Earth System Model is an honest, truthful, and 'non-compromise' Model, ready for use.
  • The MagmaChem Earth System Model is unique and immensely powerful as an analytical tool, which can be used to explain mineral deposits of all types, - saline, lacustrian, deep-sea, hydrothermal, or volcanic. It represents a powerful dynamic, synoptic, and analytical tool, which can be used to understand mineral deposits and also act as a powerful predictive tool to finding several types of mineral deposits in relation to rock types, the tectonic setting and its history of any global area in question. Therefore, this is the professional geophysical explorationists ultimate tool of choice.
  • You can throw any tectonic, geophysical, mineralogical, and geological question at this Model, - and you can find it's solution and explanation from using it
  • I have known Stan Keith and Monte Swan for over 20 years. They have always been pioneers ...always thinking way ahead ...way out of the box. The Geosciences are mainly an inexact science and the importance of that open creative mind and the power to visualize the processes is key. Coming out of this “lock-in" time frame it’s even more important to think with such an open mind that the earth’s integrated processes are clear and respected to bring mankind forward to discover their own potential and the magnitude of new ideas. With Troy Tittlemier on board, they have that creative energy to propel them forward. Magmachem is a company to watch.