The Geology of Steatization

4 Steatization (In continuation of primordial kerogen, being hydrogen enhanced and brought to the surface)

The process of serpentinization or adding water to peridotite is extremely important as an initial step in the hydrogenation of kerogen. This process occurs chiefly at mid-ocean ridges and is manifested around the globe as the Mohorovicic (Moho), low density layer. This Serpentosphere layer is the ‘grease’ upon which tectonic plates slide. The process of adding water to serpentine continues with the formation of talc plus magnesium-iron carbonate in a process called steatization. Numerous chemical equations document how this process proceeds. Serpentine diapirs and mud volcanoes bring the results of these chemical processes to the surface and ocean bottom in mud seeps and giant, pancake-like mud volcanoes. The geology of talc and saline deposits.